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Good Morning Atum City

The weather forcast for today is…RAIN! Today marks the halfway point for this rain periode. There are 5 days left for this season. The Innercity Mayor office released a statement this morning: “Mayor Marcus Finn and his team like to thank ‘Core’ for this rainperiode. As the rain washes the streets of innercity clean so will Mayor Marcus Finn clean the streets beyond.”

In a statement by James Fontaine, the mayor’s rival in the upcoming mayoral ellections in six seasons time, reads “While our streets and housing needs cleaning, I for one wonder if a 2 rainperiode patern is the right course of action. When ellected I will personally take this issue up with ‘Core’.” More on the issue of rainperiodes with our very own specialist, Proffessor Trent Matron, right after the break.

In other news, yesterday’s shootout in Middleborough North-Eastern District between MB-constables and members of the TwinSnakeTriad came to a bloody end. Are gangs getting out of hand?
Last weeks accident at Huken Distillery, a fire that took the lives of several workers, was it really and accident or a terrorist attack? One eyewitness claims he saw people with guns.

All of this after the break!

Bull's Journal

Tr1s came through; I’m a free man once more.
587 days, 12 hours and 23 minutes. That’s how long I’ve been in that box. But I’m free again.

Ofcourse the moment I stepped through those damn doors Tr1s came calling for her favor. But that was expected. I was to go to some bar called Waypoint after CoreSec dropped me off at the Island for a meet.
Well, none’s going to call me ungrateful.

Now I could get angry over the other things people will call me now that I’m free. Tr1s changed my ID and the crime I’ve been in for. That would ‘ve been necessary to get me out in the first place. i get that. And I’ll take comfort in the knowledge that there’re probably not that many transgressions one will get out with. But really. Not this.

Ah well, one can hope this will go away if one keeps his mouth shut about it.

On the Island I noticed an elderly chap getting into a vintage automobile. One of those cars on wheels not linked to the central grid. The kind that could get me into the outer edges of the city where the grid’s not present; where Waypoint’s supposed to be.
So i approached the man and he was kind enough to agree and get me there. He figured I’d just been released and confessed to have been locked up in his youth for stealing a bike.

All in all I had a fun ride through the city for a couple of hours. He dropped me off at an intersection near the less reputable areas of the city and headed off home. I had a good distance of walking ahead of me at that point, but I can’t say I regretted this. it felt good to be able to take more then three steps before reaching the wall of my box.

Waypoint’s a nice bar. It seems to be a place anyone can go to and have a cold one without anyone prying. The owner seems to have things in hand and has a rule of leaving other patrons alone. It seems to me he’s able to enforce that rule.

Anyway, he seemed to expect and recognize me the moment I entered, and poured me a cold one. He informed me my gear was all ready for me, except for the shotgun. he had two options to get my hands on one. So i can’t really complain. It’s not like I expected it to be there. hell, part of me didn’t expect to be released at all. We’ll see later.

Now I’m curious to meet the rest of this team.


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