The ‘Atum’ is one of five capital-ships send from Earth / Terra-1. Build to last and self-sufficient, it has entered its 270th earth-year.

The biodome in the center of the ship holds a reconstruction of an earth-city yet over the last 200 years alot has changed due to the introduction of trade and non-human technology.
It has its own shipyard and has since then constructed it own fleet for defence and smaller spacecraft can be bought for trade and exploration.

Atum’s Fleet called ‘The Ennead’ (en-ee-ad) consists out of 9 ships:

Capital ship : Atum
2x Battleships : Shu and Tefnut
2x Destroyer : Geb and Nut
4x Cruisers : Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

Smaller ships made from Atum’s shipyard are called Bireme/ Bire.


Atum's Journey - Dee DeeRiker