John 'Bull' Randleman

Massively built soldier


John ‘Bull’ Randleman.
Bull didn’t have an easy childhood. He lost his father at an early age and his mom had to work two jobs just to be able to pay the bills.
So he was left to fend for himself most of the time, and to take care of his sister.
Since they had to live in a bad sector of the city it was easy for him to get in touch with the wrong type of crowd.

He rebelled, and joined a gang, doing all kinfs of petty crime one can expect from a ganger.
In the end he was given a choice between joining the military or getting a criminal record.
Joining the military actually seemed to have saved him. He found the structure he lacked before. And even though at first he seemed to try and rebel against the strict code of conduct he soon found his place there.
This is also when he got his nickname: Bull. It’s unclear where this came from. Some say it’s his determination (or sheer stubornness) to get something done when he sets his mind to it. Others say it’s his massive build. In any case, Bull stuck as a name.
In the military he quickly found his way into the ranks of the commandos as a close combat and urban warfare specialist Vanguard, and quickly rose in the ranks to platoon first sergeant.

Things seemed to go smooth unti about a year ago. His platoon was sent to infiltrate what was supposed to be an alien raider base to gather intel. On site orders changed to eliminate the raider leaders. They tried to follow their orders even though they were not prepared nor equiped for this mission, and it became a massive clusterfuck. Bull was the only one to make it to the LZ, and when he got back to the fleet there was no trace of the changed orders they’d received. He was charged with a whole series of crimes, including insubordination and the unlawful use of military equipment.

He was sentenced to inprisonment for life.

Recently, while in his cell, he’s been in contact with TR1S.

John 'Bull' Randleman

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